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About the forge

We are a Men's organization that focuses on enhancing manhood from the inside out. We focus on character building like accountability, discipline, emotional acceptance, fatherhood, and positive change.  

We build men up through our three pillars.

Positive imagery: We focus on combatting the overflow of toxic masculinity that society and social media floods the world with by creating positive imagery among men. We aim to provide a positive image of fathers, husbands, and working men every day by breaking the societal stigma amongst men. 


Service: To truly lead, one must first learn to serve. We believe all men are put here on earth to be leaders and be an example to the youth. At The Forge, we strive to provide men with opportunities to serve and impact society. 


Quality Fellowship: Unfortunately, men don’t habitually nurture their platonic relationships like women do; because of this, we focus on quality fellowship. A fellowship that allows men to walk out with positive growth, all while creating powerful connections with other men.


OUR Mission

To counteract “surface” manhood and society’s toxic images associated with it. Instead focusing on internal building of self, including faith, emotions, discipline, and self-control.  

OUR Vision

To become the leading destination for men looking to become the best possible versions of themselves.

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